Individual classes for beginners and intermediates

We offer 100% supervision and full time attention to our students. Our classes are individual taught by two skilled windsurfers. Classes are taught in Portuguese, English or French. All material and equipment for the classes is provided by us.


Students start with a theoretical class about general sailing theories and security procedures followed by a practical session on how to rig and carry the equipment. In the first on water sessions students will sail in a light breeze (maximum 8 to 10 knots) and learn to uphaul and to tack. On the following beginner classes students will learn to sail upwind, go and return and jibe.


Windsurfers start rigging more powerful sails and riding smaller boards. Introduction to harness, to beach start without uphauling and to foot straps. Improvement of jibing and introduction to power jibing. When sea conditions are favorable, windsurfers are introduced to wave sailing. On the last intermediate classes windsurfers will qualify to rent intermediate/advanced equipment by learning waterstart.